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Project Description
The Khan Academy ( is all about using video to explain the world. This application lets you browse and view the entire educational catalog on your Windows Phone device.

Original Blog post here:

The application is now live on the Windows Phone marketplace. You can download it by clicking here if you have the Zune software installed:

Or just navigate to Marketplace > Books & Reference > Reference, or of course, just searching the marketplace for “Khan Academy”.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality and value of the videos since I discovered the site a few years ago. And it was no surprise when Bill Gates called Sal Khan his favorite teacher.

I wanted a way to contribute to the cause, and with Microsoft’s new platform just launching, and the fact that I wanted a project to focus on for the Windows Phone it seemed a natural fit.

In keeping with the spirit of the Khan Academy’s open source development ethos, I am making this project open source as well on CodePlex:

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